James Webb

Doctoral Student Spotlights

James Webb

Educational Theatre

I chose this Doctoral Program Because:
This program combines my three passions: teaching, learning and creating. And that makes me a very happy soul!
In 5 or 10 years I hope to:
Be a Tenured Professor, writing books and plays, while starring on Broadway. (As well as being in love, well-traveled, and raising my first child)
One of the things I enjoy doing in New York City when I'm not being a doctoral student:
Lounging in Central Park or Shedding Tears at an Awesome Broadway Show
A hobby I have is:
Eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and playing ping pong
My favorite place to get coffee or eat around NYU:
Gyu Kaku, Japanese BBQ that you grill yourself
Focus of my research of scholarship:
Using Creating Playbuilding to Foster Dialogue in the Black Church
I'm interested in this topic because:
I think that theatre is essential in our lives to help us to uncover deeper meanings and truths.
Research or scholar I most admire:
Paulo Freire
Research project I've most enjoyed working on:
It was a Performance Ethnography piece, entitled THE CLASS PROJECT, studying New Yorkers' perceptions of social/economic class and performing those interviews verbatim on stage with an ensemble of actors
Scholarly presentation of my work I'm most proud of:
Presenting my Own Acting Technique at a Theatre Conference
What I like most about being part of a community of doctoral students:
Honestly, the competition (LOL)

Background Information

Where you grew up:
Moss Point, Mississippi
Career Goals:
Teacher, Artist, Scholar
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
Kennedy Center Lorraine Hansberry Distinguished Achievement Playwriting Award, Lowell and Nancy Swortzell Graduate Scholarship, 21st Century Scholarship Author of MORNING MEDITATION, Playwright of BLACK WIDOW and THE CONTRACT
Other professional or service activities:
National Communications Association, Black Theatre Network, CUNY League of Active Speech Professors