Carly Tubbs

Doctoral Student Spotlights

Carly Tubbs

Psychology and Social Intervention

I chose this Doctoral Program Because:
of its commitment to teaching students how to understand and improve the nested contexts -- from public policies to family systems -- in which children across cultures develop.
My academic passion is:
Understanding the pathways through which large-scale alterations in technological, economic, and ideological systems in societies impact adolescent development
One of the things I enjoy doing in New York City when I'm not being a doctoral student:
Finding new places to eat soup dumplings
A hobby I have is:
Designing powerpoints. Seriously.
My favorite place to get coffee or eat around NYU:
Focus of my research of scholarship:
How families in New York City across the economic spectrum have fared in the context of "The Great Recession"
Academic or other experience that most influenced my choice of doctoral study:
While working at an international NGO, I became frustrated at the extent to which we did not understand how policies and laws actually played out in the day-to-day lives of people on whose behalf we were advocating.
Research or scholar I most admire:
Glen Elder's "Children of the Great Depression"
Research project I've most enjoyed working on:
The Center for Research on Culture, Development, and Education
Favorite course as a doctoral student:
Understanding and Measuring Social Contexts
What I like most about being part of a community of doctoral students:
Finding people who implicitly understand and share my interests

Background Information

Where you grew up:
All over the place.
Career Goals:
To challenge the conventional wisdom around how people experience social change and volatility.