Biyuan Yang

Doctoral Student Spotlights

Biyuan Yang

Multilingual Multicultural Studies

I chose this Doctoral Program Because:
I started to learn English as a second language in middle school. English was treated as a subject, not a means for communication. It was only when I became an English major in college that I discovered that learning English could be fun and really useful in daily life. I thought back about the way I was introduced to English and felt that a golden opportunity had been missed. I chose the program of MMS, and particularly TESOL as my focus so that one day I may help to change the way English, or any foreign language is taught and learned in my home country.
One of the things I enjoy doing in New York City when I'm not being a doctoral student:
enjoying fabulous food
A hobby I have is:
My favorite place to get coffee or eat around NYU:
street carts
Focus of my research of scholarship:
vocabulary acquisition
I'm interested in this topic because:
vocabulary is the core of language
Professor who has influenced me the most:
Marcia Pally who taught me how to read and think critically during the course "International Education"
Favorite course as a doctoral student:
Sociology in Higher Education

Background Information

Where you grew up:
Career Goals:
to set up and run a language immersion school