Affiliated Courses

At Steinhardt: quick link to 2017-2018 Applied Statistics course offerings.

NOTE: Courses are listed here if they cover intermediate to advanced applied statistics topics and/or specialized related topics, such as measurement models or survey research.

Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities 
APSTA-GE 2003 Intermediate Quantitative Methods: The General Linear Model
APSTA-GE 2004 Advanced Modeling I: Topics in Multivariate Analysis
APSTA-GE 2011 Adv Topics in Quant Meth: Classification and Clustering
APSTA-GE 2012 Adv Topics in Quant Meth: Causal Inference: Statistical Methods for Program Evaluation and Policy Research
APSTA-GE 2013 Adv Topics in Quant Meth: Missing Data
APSTA-GE 2014 Adv Topics in Quant Meth: Statistical Analysis of Networks
APSTA-GE 2015 Adv Topics in Quant Meth: Applied Spatial Statistics
APSTA-GE 2016 Adv Topics in Quant Meth: Factor Scoring and Practical Issues in Scaling
APSTA-GE 2017 Adv Topics in Quant Meth: Educational Data Science Practicum
APSTA-GE 2040 Multilevel Models: Growth Curves
APSTA-GE 2041 Practicum in Multi-Level Models
APSTA-GE 2042 Multilevel Models: Nested-Data Models
APSTA-GE 2094 Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling
APSTA-GE 2110 Applied Statistics: Using Large Databases in Education Research
APSTA-GE 2133 Data Science for Social Impact

APSTA-GE.2134 Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Design 
APSTA-GE 2139 Survey Research Methods I
APSTA-GE 2995 Biostatistics I
APSTA-GE 2996 Biostatistics II
APSTA-GE 2997 Advanced Data Analysis in Health and Policy Research: Generalized Linear  Models
APSTA-GE 2998 Advanced Data Analysis in Health and Policy Research: Survival Analysis           

Applied Psychology
APSY-GE 2140 Measurement: Classical Test Theory
APSY-GE 2141 Measurement: Modern Test Theory
APSY-GE 2142 Measurement and Evaluation: Psychometric Theory
APSY-GE 2143 Construction of Psychological Tests
APSY-GE 2074 Research Design and Methodology in the Behavioral Sciences II

Nutrition, Food, and Public Health
PUHE-GE 2306 Epidemiology

At Wagner:

PADM-GP 2875 Estimating Impacts in Policy Research
PADM-GP 2902 Statistical Data Analysis
PADM-GP 4114 Surveys and Interviews: A Laboratory on Techniques of Sampling, Designing, Conducting, and Analyzing Surveys and Interviews


Courant Inst. of Math. Sci.:
MATH-GA 2840 ADVANCED TOPICS IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS (Dynamic Computational Statistical  models  for Socio-economic and Geo-political Systems)


POL-GA 1251/2251 Quantitative Methods II/III
POL-GA 3200.02 Seminar in Political Methodology 
POL-GA 3200.02 Topics in Network Analysis
POL-GA 3200.04 Quantitative Field Methods
POL-GA 3300.01 Social Media & Political Participation

PSYCH-GA 2228 Intermediate Statistical Methods in Psychology
PSYCH-GA 2229 Multiple Regression Methods in Psychology
PSYCH-GA 2243 Psychometric Test Theory (offered every other year)
PSYCH-GA 2244 Multivariate Statistical Analysis (offered every other year)
PSYCH-GA 2247 Structural Equation Methods (offered every other year)
PSYCH-GA 2248 Methods for the Analysis of Change (offered every other year)

SOC-GA 2312 Advanced Multivariate Statistics (offered once per year, currently Spring 2016)
SOC-GA 2314 Longitudinal Statistics (event history analysis, time series, panel data methods; offered alternate years; next offered in Spring 2017)
SOC-GA 2306 Event History Analysis (offered alternate years; last offered Spring 2015)

At Stern:

ECON-GB 3351 Econometrics I
ECON-GB 9912 Econometric Analysis of Panel Data

STAT-GB 2301 Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis
STAT-GB 2302 Forecasting Time Series Data
STAT-GB 3301 Probability Theory
STAT-GB 4310.01 Statistics for Social Data (offered Spring 2016)