Photo Essays

Art Administration in the European Context (Netherlands and Austria)

Photos and Captions by Patricia D. Jordan

Star Gazers at the Dutch National Ballet- Amsterdam, The Netherlands. NYU’s Summer Abroad 2006 Art Administration in the European Context showed a broad spectrum of Arts Organization throughout The Netherlands and Austria. A backstage view of the Dutch National Ballet gave us an inside view of what goes into the marketing of a major national ballet and a close-up look at the underbelly of a this enormous theatre house. Our tour included a stop in the dressing rooms where Melissa and Darra took a moment to mug and preen at the make-up cluttered dressing tables.

Costume Collection at The Dutch National Ballet – Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The ballet is all about tootoos. I had to stop for moment to get a shot of the wall of tootoos and other incredible costumes that lined the hallways. Their costume collection was extensive and the elaborate detail of each piece was mind-boggling. The Company was in the middle of an “adopt-a-tootoo” campaign, one of the first of its kind in the country.

City Hall – Den Haag, The Netherlands. This incredible building designed by Richard Meier is the City Hall located in The Hague. After discussing Dutch cultural policy we had a lengthy tour of the building. The Hague is ripe with a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture that gives a very distinct face to the city.

Art and Idea- Vienna , Austria. Near the end of the course we visited Robert Punkenhofer, a former NYU Arts Administration student. The office was in his home and included a detailed discussion of the projects he had created, his successes, failures and the realistic highs and lows a life in Arts Administration can lead us. Bonnie took a moment to relax with a beer while Christina decided to spend some time snooping around this beautiful building.

Claire and Wine at the farewell dinner – Vienna, Austria. Our final day included a typical Viennese dinner at a local restaurant. The evening was spent with wine, schnitzel, and our very own talent contest- prompted by the urging of a fellow student. Students and faculty performed for each other and bemused restaurant patrons who happened to be nearby- dancing, singing, and pretty much anything else they could be coxed into doing… some more willingly than others.