Photo Essays

Theatre Practices: Puerto Rico

Photos and Captions by Alexander Sarian

Museo de Arte Dr. Pîo López Martínez - Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey: This view of two of the rooms from a particular showing in the museum reflect the 'all encompassing' concept of art that artists in Puerto Rico seem to have: No Plexiglas or red rope holding observers back, and the museum is as much a part of the exhibit as the works themselves. Art is an experience in inclusion, not detachment.

Lifeless Face in Deborah Hunt's studio - San Juan, Puerto Rico. Conceptualized and produced from scratch by an NYU student, this mask hangs to dry, awaiting to be given life through performance. In this stage of the workshop, masks are going through final touches in order to be the center of a performance lead by the NYU students that made them.

Yerba Bruja Theatre - San Juan, Puerto Rico. Two NYU students during the culminating performance. Both are wearing and performing with their own mask. Each of the four pieces were conceived and directed by the students themselves, thus engaging in many artistic disciplines: mask-making, playwrighting, directing and performing. The presentation, open to the general public, was a huge success.

RainForest - Fajardo, Puerto Rico. After a 1-hour hike through the rainforest, eight NYU students and a faculty member arrived at a waterfall. Being no exception to the warm welcome and openness in the culture, this waterfall held out an invitation to those who had arrived. Two of the NYU students (in the picture) and the faculty member went for swims, while everyone dipped their feet in the pure, virgin water.

Antonio Martorell - Universidad de Puerto Rico en Cayey. 'Toño' reading from his recently published book to a group of NYU students, whom he hosted for a night in the Cayey Campus of UPR. This man is living proof that the different disciplines of art can coexist in one person. Antonio is a celebrated "Artist": a painter, sculptor, writer, performer, journalist and designer. And because of the communal nature of Art in Puerto Rico, Antonio, like most other artists there, is, by nature, a teacher.