Photo Essays

Character and Culture in Film (Prague)

Photos and Captions by Anne Rubin

This picture was taken as we first arrived in Prague. We were touring through the city on the way to the hotel, and I took the picture from the bus window. The circular ring around the focal point is the camera lenses reflecting off the window of the bus. The ring draws the viewers eye to the eternity of the tracks. The winter scene is desolate, yet beautiful.

NYU generously took the group out to dinner the last night to a traditional czech restaurant. There was folk music and traditional dancing, which was wonderful to be exposed to. The light in the picture is unique because as I was taking the picture, another student's camera flashed and the effect was captured here.

Graffiti, Jewish Star - Walking through the old town of Prague one can see that all of the buildings are beautifully maintained. However, along one stretch of wall, there is a colorful and abundant amount of graffiti, spanning a good thirty feet. The graffiti looks extremely out of place, given the Disney'ish quality of the landscape. The graffiti is also extremely political, unusually so. There are no "tags," only statements. Here, the Star of David, drawn over a peace sign - an addition to a previous artist's design, I find especially compelling due to the tragic Jewish history of Prague.

This picture was taken at night overlooking the charles bridge. I really liked the light in the picture, especially how it reflects off the road. A group of us had gone to the bridge at night to make wishes on a statue.

The weather in Prague over spring break was...shall we say, less than desirable? But being out of New York's spring climate was an important part of the trip. I think this really picture really captures the desolate atmosphere we trudged around in. Though I will say, we still had a great time :)