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Asif Akhtar holds an MA in Politics from the New School for Social Research and a BA in International Studies and Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University. Having grown up in Lahore, Pakistan, Asif’s research interests have come to converge on questions of how recently emerging industries and formats of 24-hour televised news in Pakistan are rapidly collapsing and reshaping spatial-temporal patterns – affecting the ways in which everyday practices and discourses of politics take place in the context of war and insurgency. Asif is keen on exploring dynamics of visibility, visual culture and representations of violence through ethnographic work. After working on Wall St. and witnessing the mortgage crisis firsthand as a risk analyst from 2006-2008, Asif moved back to conduct research in Pakistan while gaining experience working as a journalist. Covering politics, culture and terrorism in Lahore, he has written for publications like the Guardian and Foreign Policy in addition to several prominent Pakistani print and online publications. Presently he is an active part of the Naked Punch editorial collective, publishing engaged reviews of art, thought and politics from the Third World. Asif also writes fiction and has published short stories and monographs.


Media, Culture, and Communication

Our media studies programs train agile researchers of a shifting media landscape. Learn to analyze media and technology in its cultural, social, and global contexts.

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