Study Abroad Opportunities in 2018

The Department of Occupational Therapy offers study abroad opportunities for Occupational Therapy and interested students in courses related to disability, sensory processing and rehabilitation. This course is open to NYU occupational therapy students with adviser approval. Graduate students from other NYU departments are welcome to enroll with permission from the course instructor.

Summer 2018

Shanghai: Disability in a Global Context

May 28 - June 10, 2018

Join a diverse group of students from varied backgrounds in Tel Aviv in the Summer. Previously offered in Argentina, Ghana and Israel, this course explores disability in a variety of global contexts. Together you’ll examine disability, particularly how the physical and cultural contexts including environmental attributes, religion, social mores, and families influence participation by people with disabilities. Visit medical environments, schools, and everyday settings to observe the experiences of people with disabilities, learning from them as well as the individuals who work with them. Dr. Poole and local experts share their knowledge through lectures and discussions. Trips to cultural sites round out the program.



Additional information about deadlines and tuition can be found on the Steinhardt Global Affairs website.