The departmental staff provides a wide range of services, including:

  • administering student fieldwork placements
  • managing the student application process from initial inquiry through orientation
  • maintaining student records
  • developing and producing departmental publications
  • scheduling courses and organizing events
  • overseeing departmental teaching and office space
  • administering budget processes
  • keeping the department's technological needs updated
  • managing the department web site
  • handling licensure for new graduates along with a variety of other forms of assistance to our students, faculty and alumni.
  • Ayanna Lee, Administrative Director
  • Mary Baptiste, Academic Coordinator
  • Alison Rangel, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
  • Cindy Mejia, Fieldwork Administrator
  • Ginelle John, Associate Director of Enrollment and Student Services
  • Joy Chen, Administrative Aide
  • Amanda-Rae Williams, Administrative Aide

Contact: 212-998-5825,