Research Projects

Speed of Processing Training in Traumatic Brain Injury

Funded by: New York University Research Challenge Grant

Year Funded: 2010

Gerald Voelbel, Ph.D., OT, Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, New York University

Project Abstract

This project will examine a cognitive intervention method for improving speed of information processing (SIP) deficits in individuals with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). The majority of individuals with moderate and severe TBI have SIP deficits as part of the cognitive sequelae. Empirical research is expected to demonstrate the efficacy of computerized cognitive SIP training for remediating SIP deficits in individuals with TBI. Specifically, the results of this study are expected to demonstrate: 1) that individuals with TBI that receive SIP training will improve on neurocognitive measures of processing speed; 2) the generalizability of SIP training of individuals with TBI to other cognitive domains beyond information processing speed, including working memory, attention, and executive functioning; and 3) that individuals with TBI that receive the SIP training will exhibit improved self-reported levels of depression.