Research Projects

Improving Cognitive Rehabilitation Strategies for Learning and Memory in Multiple Sclerosis 2008

Funded by:  The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Year funded:  2008

Yael Goverover, Ph.D., OT, Assistant Professor, NYU Department of Occupational Therapy

Project Abstract 

Past research has shown that individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience memory problems most frequently in the initial learning of new information.  With the help of a research grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, this study focuses on how to increase that initial learning through the use of a strategy called "self-generation."  According to this strategy, people remember items or words better when they "generate" or make them up themselves as opposed to having them just read or provided to them.  In expanding on previous research, Professor Goverover will examine two groups of participants (one with MS and one without) as they are asked to learn both laboratory (i.e., a list of words) and functional tasks (i.e., the steps in preparing a meal).  Information gained from this study may help occupational therapy researchers and clinicians better plan effective treatments by identifying the best tasks to use to achieve the highest improvement outcomes in patients.