Research Projects

Children with ADHD; Homework

Year funded: 2002

What Strategies Do Parents of School-aged Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Use To Encourage Them to Complete Their Homework?

Ruth Segal, Ph.D., OT, Professor and Chair of Occupational Therapy, Seaton Hall University
Jim Hinojosa, Ph.D., OT, FAOTA, Professor and Chair, Department of Occupational Therapy, New York University

Project Abstract

A important occupation for parents of school-aged children is encouraging their children to complete homework assignments. In this exploratory study, parents with children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will be asked about the strategies that they use with their children to get them to complete their homework.

Data will be collected through ongoing parent focus groups and intensive interviews of selected participants. Data analysis, using qualitative techniques, will lead to the identification of major themes and test the appropriateness of an ecocultural theory to guide future investigations.

Ecocultural theory proposes that families of children with special needs have the task of constructing routines that sustain coherent and productive daily life activities. This theory (Bernheimer, Gallimore, & Kaufman, 1993) proposes hypotheses about how parents face the task of creating and sustaining a daily routine that serves the collective and individual needs and aspirations of all family members.

The results of the proposed study will also provide information useful for developing interdisciplinary quantitative and qualitative research projects.