Research Projects

Exploring PC Accessibility

Year funded: 2000

An Investigation of the Use and Potential Use of  Accessibility Options Built into Computer Operating Systems

Anita Perr, MA, OT, ATP, FAOTA, Clinical Assistant Professor


This study was designed to investigate how accessibility features built into computer operating systems are used by people with disabilities.  It was also designed to identify operations that are problematic and should be addressed in the future, making computer use even easier for all people, including people with disabilities. Possible obstacles had been identified:

  • Many people with disabilities are not aware of features built into Microsoft Windows that can help their productivity.
  • People without the label of disability do not, but could, take advantage of many accessibility features built into Windows 98 to further improve their productivity and the ease with which they use computers.
  • Additional functional limitations may not be addressed by current features.

Exploring PC Accessibility (PDF File)