Research Projects

Exploring the effects of a memory intervention on memory and everyday life activities with persons with MS

Funded By: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Year Funded: 2013

Yael Goverover, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, New York University

Project Abstract 

This pilot study seeks to demonstrate the effectiveness of using the principles of the generation effect to improve memory and functional performance in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. Past research has shown that items self-generated by an individual, such as words or concepts, are remembered better than items that are simply read or heard. This randomized clinical trial will investigate the effects of a self-generation strategy treatment, embedded within practice of various activities ranging from laboratory tasks (e.g. words and concepts) to functional tasks (e.g. activities of daily living). We expect participants undergoing the self-generation-training intervention to show better memory performance, functional performance, quality of life, and satisfaction with treatment and life than participants in the control condition. Our goal is to help patients self-discover their own strengths and abilities while using self-generation to utilize them independently in everyday situations.