Research Projects

Cognitive Remediation for Individuals with Chemotherapy Induced Cognitive Impairment

Funded By: New York University Steinhardt IDEAs (Innovative, Developmental, Exploratory) Award

Year Funded: 2013

Gerald Voelbel, Ph.D., OT, Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, New York University

Project Abstract 

This project will examine if cognitive deficits caused by chemotherapy can be remediated with a well-established, effective standard cognitive remediation program. Chemotherapy is standard care for many types of cancers, but the sequel of cognitive impairment is a significant and debilitating side effect of the treatment. Prevalence of chemotherapy induced cognitive deficits ranges from 16% to 75%, with patients experiencing moderate to severe cognitive impairment. This pilot study will be the first to demonstrate improvement of chemotherapy induced cognitive deficits in cancer survivors with a computerized, highly repetitive cognitive remediation program, improving auditory processing, verbal working memory, verbal attention, and verbal memory, therefore improving the lives of cancer patients.