Post Professional Doctor of Philosophy

Established in 1973, the PhD program in Research in Occupational Therapy was the first such doctoral program in the world. The program provides occupational therapists with the knowledge and skills to work in the profession as researchers, scholars, and educators. Doctoral students take courses in advanced occupational therapy and other disciplines both in the School and in the University.

Degree Requirements

Occupational therapists holding a master's degree take a total of 52 credits, including course work, and complete a dissertation. New York University graduates with a master's degree in post-professional occupational therapy must complete a minimum of 42 credits and write a dissertation. Full-time or part-time study is available. For course descriptions, see NYU Steinhardt's Graduate Bulletin.

Occupational Therapy Specialization (15 credits):

  • Theoretical Foundations for Intervention OT-GE 2762
  • Developing a Guideline for Intervention OT-GE 2763
  • Ethics and Analytical Reasoning OT-GE 2764

Cognate Courses (6 credits)

Foundations (6 credits)

Departmental Seminar (3 credits): Occupational Therapy OT-GE 3406

Dissertation Proposal Seminar (3 credits): RESCH-GE 3001

Research Course (3 credits): Research design specific to the dissertation

Dissertation Related Courses (15 credits): By advisement

Occupational Therapy Doctoral Colloquium (1 credit): OT-GE 3408 for Doctoral Candidates

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