Orientation to Occupational Therapy

Are you an undergraduate interested in pursuing a career in the health professions? Not sure which field is right for you? Then consider adding Orientation to Occupational Therapy OT-GE 0001 (a 2-credit course) to your schedule! The course is beneficial to students considering any of the health professions or currently studying in health career programs, as they will likely work with occupational therapists during their careers.

This two-credit course is designed for undergraduate students who may be interested in pursuing a career in the health professions. It explores the field of occupational therapy through weekly seminars and clinical site visits. Students will learn the basic roles and functions of an occupational therapist and the role of occupational therapy in medical, educational, and community models, as well as emerging areas of practice. Guest speakers will include occupational therapists working in pediatrics, physical disabilities, mental health, and other treatment settings. A recent student in the class said, "The course was overall a ‘feel great' class. I learned so much from our guest speakers and our field visits. I gained a new sense of appreciation and enlightenment for clients in therapy."


This course is offered each fall and spring semester. Come check out whether the dynamic, multifaceted profession of occupational therapy is for you!