Spring 2019 First Year Admits New Student Advisement & Registration Timeline

Complete Orientation:

Mon. November 12

Registration Opens:

Thurs. November 15, 2:30pm

Complete Registration:

Sun. November 25

Advisor Feedback:

Mon. November 26 - Fri. November 30

Complete all sections of your Online Orientation by Monday, November 14, 2018. Once completed, your advisor will remove the hold so that you are able to begin the process of enrollment later that week using NYU ALBERT. You will be able to begin enrolling on the afternoon of Thursday, November 15, 2018. We encourage you to complete registration within 24 hours so that you have access to the most courses. The following week you'll hear from your advisor again to confirm you've made the correct course selections.


Interact with Peer Mentors on Social Media

Peer Mentors are current NYU Steinhardt students who are available to help you through the advising and registration process this summer. During Welcome Week, they will host events around NYC, and in the fall, they will be your peer mentors in New Student Seminar.

Follow the experiences of current students and see NYU through their eyes via Instagram, and stay informed with their posts on Facebook


Attend a Web Chat with your Advisor

Web Chats allow you to connect with your Advisors and Peer Mentors, and empower you to ask questions and get to know the people who will be supporting you during your time at NYU Steinhardt.  Attendance at the Web Chats are not required, and are a supplement to our Online Orientation Portal, which you can complete at your own pace. Unable to attend a live session? Recordings of our chat sessions will be linked here after each taping. 

RSVP: Tuesday, November 13th, 10am EDT


The New Student Theme & Reading

Theme: Our Place in the World, and Why it Matters

Reading: The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, by Elizabeth Kolbert

The New Student Seminar (SAHS-UE.1) is a semester-long required course for new undergraduates enrolled in NYU Steinhardt.  The seminar serves as an orientation to the University, our School, and our programs of study. Using themes raised by the new student reading, Steinhardt students will explore their roles as the newest members in our diverse, global and inclusive community. More about the reading and questions for discussion can be found here.

Dean's Welcome and Academic Sessions

During NYU's Welcome Week at the end of August, join NYU Steinhardt Student Affairs and your academic departments for a special welcome with our Dean, and meet in person with your academic advisor. Explore your new home in New York City. Participate in workshops, activities, and service-learning projects sponsored by the NYU Steinhardt and University community.

Thursday, January 24, 2019, 9am
Kimmel Center for University Life 


Advisor Contact Information

Applied Psychology
Ramy Ebied
Phone: 212-998-5858
Email: re42@nyu.edu

Amanda Holda
Phone: 212-998-5502

Judson Simmons
Phone: 212-998-5379
Email: js5864@nyu.edu

Art and Art Professions
Lonnie Woods III
Phone: 212-998-5708
Email: e.lw1024@nyu.edu

Communicative Sciences and Disorders
Zara DeLuca
Phone: 212-998-5232
Email: zwdeluca@nyu.edu

Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities
Jamie Remmers
Phone: 212-998-5639
Email: jamie.remmers@nyu.edu

Media, Culture, and Communication
Ivan Makar
Phone: 212-998-5271
Email: comm.advisors@nyu.edu

Jonathan Martinez
Phone: 212-998-5635
Email:  comm.advisors@nyu.edu

Winnie Wu
Phone: 212-998-5635
Email:  comm.advisors@nyu.edu


Music and Performing Arts Professions
Paul Horan
Phone: 212-998-5771
Email: pgh1@nyu.edu

Shanieka Brooks
Phone: 212-998-5766
Email: shanieka.brooks@nyu.edu

Eleanor Sparaccio
Phone: 212-998-5071
Email: el1696@nyu.edu

Nutrition and Food Studies
Domingo Pinero
Phone: 212-998-5145
Email: domingo.pinero@nyu.edu

Sean Spellman
Phone: 212-992-7689
Email: sean.spellman@nyu.edu

Teaching and Learning
Marni Passer Vassallo
Phone: 212-998-5891
Email: marni.vassallo@nyu.edu

Teress Williams Nugent
Phone: 212-998-5483
Email: teress.williams@nyu.edu


Questions? Contact Justine Kelly-Fierro in the NYU Steinhardt Office of Student Affairs at 212-998-5065 or email steinhardt.orientation@nyu.edu