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Our summer reading, Wild, by Cheryl Strayed explores themes of self-discovery, and finding one’s place and purpose in the world. Just as Strayed charted her journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, in what ways have you mapped your life, and what have you learned about yourself, the world, and your environment throughout your journey?

Represent your new department by showcasing your interest in the book and the lessons that most resonated with you through a creative means of expression! You may work individually or collaborate within a group. Selected submissions will be shown at the Dean’s New Student Convocation in October.


  • What can I do?
    Some examples include but are not limited to video, photography, painting, poetry, speech, sculpture, short stories, music, and dance. You could even create a .gif image if you wanted! Use your creativity.
  • Where do I submit?
    Submit a digital version on our Tumblr page. Photographs must be uploaded in high resolution. Include a description of what theme stood out to you and how your submission incorporates your chosen theme. Make sure you have a title and a hashtag to go along with it. Use #ExpressSteinhardt and #(yourtheme).
  • Do I need a Tumblr?
    No! You do not need a Tumblr account to submit in our page. Be sure to encourage your friends to like and re-blog your post! If you are having trouble posting please feel free to contact us at steinhardt.orientation@nyu.edu.

Please make sure to submit by September 12th at 12:00pm (EDT)
We look forward to seeing your posts, and how they connect back to themes from Wild. The top submissions will be represented at our Dean’s New Student Convocation on Tuesday, October 8th and winning students will receive a prize!

Important Links
Tumblr: http://steinhardtorientation.tumblr.com
Community Standards: http://ow.ly/kGRfP

Contact the NYU Steinhardt Office of Student Affairs at 212 998 5065 or email steinhardt.orientation@nyu.edu.