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diverse men and women in a circle holding hands

Critical Care & Healing Justice

Critical Care implies non-punitive care, or care that serves the aims of human freedom. It is a kind of healing justice, which is about holistically responsive interventions for generational trauma and violence. The concept shines light upon collective practices that can impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies.

What does critical care and healing justice look like?

Destigmatizing, supporting, and creating access to radical self & community care and mental wellness initiatives on campus and beyond.



The Healing Arts: An Interview with Soma Vajpayee, Career Changer and Art Therapy Student

Soma Vajpayee, a former banker and executive coach, describes the journey that brought her from the business industry to NYU Steinhardt's art therapy program.

CollideOscope Repertory Theatre Company Brings Racial Justice and Healing to the Stage

NYU Steinhardt's CollideOscope Repertory Theatre Company's mission is to advance racial justice and healing through performance.

The Healing Arts: In the Time of COVID, Helping Seniors Tell Their Stories

Spica Wobbe (MA '03), an educational theatre alumna and puppetry artist, offers a workshop that is fun, therapeutic, and good for the environment.