Public Health

Doctoral Curriculum

Curriculum (54 Credits)

For students admitted Fall 2012 or earlier.

This curriculum is an example.  All course requirements are determined in consultation with the student's adviser.

Group A: Public Health Theory1  (6-8 points)

PUHE-GE 2355

Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health2

PUHE-GE 2410

Community-Based Health Interventions

HPAM-GP 4830

Health Economics3

SOC-GA 2401

Sociology of Medicine

SOC-GA 2111

Classical Socialogical Theory, SOC-GA 2115: Contemproary Socialogical Theory

Group B: Study Design (10-12 points)

PADM-GP 2171

Program Analysis and Evaluation (required)

EHSC-GA 2044

Epidemiologic Methods4 or BMSC-GA 2450: Advanced Epidemiology (required)

APSY-GE 2073 Research Design or PHD-GP 5902: Research Methods (required)

Groups C: Analytic Methods1 (12-16 points)

PADM-GP 2902

Mulitple Regression and Intro to Economics (required if no prior regression course)

RESCH-GE 2132 Principles of Empirical Research (required)
RESCH-GE 2004 Advanced Modeling 1 (required)
 and 6 credits from the following:
RESCH-GE 2012 Advanced Quantitative Topics (Causal Inference) (strongly recommended)
RESCH-GE 2140/2141/2142 Qualitative Field Research 1, 2 & 3
RESCH-GE 2013 Advanced Quantitative topics (Missing Data)
RESCH-GE 2139 Survey Research Methods
RESCH-GE 2040/2041 Advanced Quantitative Methods (Multilevel models)
RESCH-GE 2042/2043 Advanced Quantitative Topics (Nested Data)
EHSC-GA 2045 Methods for Quantitative Data Analysis in Health Sciences Research
PADM-GP 2875 Estimating Impacts in Policy Research
APSY-GE 2140/2141 Measurement-Classical and Modern Test Theory
NUTR-GE 2192 Nutritional Epidemiology
RESCH-GE 2101 Applied Statistics: Using Large Databases in Educational Research
ECON-GB 3351 Econometrics I

Group D: Specialization (by advisement) (15-23 points)


See analytic methods above and appendix.

Proposal Seminar (3 points)


APSY-GE 3001 or APSY-GE 3002 Dissertation Proposal Seminar

DOCTORAL SEMINAR (1 point) As needed to maintain matriculation

NUTR-GE 3098

Registration is required in any semester in which a student is not registered for at least one 3-point course

   TOTAL: 54 points

1Other courses may be substituted with adviser approval
2 Required for students without substantial social science background
3 Requires microeconomics as a prerequisite
4 Students who have not already had one semester of Epidemiology will be required to take PUHE-GE 2306 as a prequirequisite.