Global Public Health/Food Studies

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    We welcome both freshman and transfer applicants. For detailed information on how to apply, financial aid, tuition and living expenses, and student housing, please visit the NYU Undergraduate Admissions website.   If you currently attend a local community college and are interested in transf... Read More
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    Food is a multibillion dollar annual industry; half of all meals are eaten outside the home, and 30 percent of all new food products are designed to meet nutritional goals. Career opportunities in food-related professions are expanding rapidly. Employers increasingly seek university graduates with ... Read More
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    Credit Requirements The curriculum in Global Public Health/Nutrition and Food Studies: Food Studies requires completion of 128 credits. These are divided into three categories:  Courses  Required Points  Liberal Arts Requirements  60  Global Public Health... Read More
  • Global Public Health/Food Studies
    The Global Public Health/Food Studies major: Provides an interdisciplinary education Examines the historical, cultural, political, economic, and geographic aspects of food production, consumption, and post-consumption Emphasizes the improvement of health outcomes among diverse populations Th... Read More