PhD in Food Studies

Doctoral Degree Process

 (Determined in consultation with an adviser)

1.  Upon entering the program your adviser is the Food Studies doctoral program director. This adviser will help you select courses and get started in the degree process. You should meet with him/her every semester to determine courses, discuss doctoral degree requirements, etc. If you have a fellowship you will also have a faculty member who supervises your 20 hours a week. You should meet with this person regularly to discuss work assignments and related matters.

2.  Every semester: Attend NUTR-GE 3098 Doctoral Seminar for 0 credits. Register for the course for 1 credit in every semester in which you are not attending at least 3 credits of coursework. (This course substitutes for Doctoral Advisement fee).

3.  Begin taking foundations courses in food studies and research methods courses.

4.  Select and begin work on a topic for dissertation research.

5.  Select the doctoral adviser who will chair your dissertation committee and supervise your research.

6.  Take courses in research theory and practice, cognate studies (related to but not in your field of specialization), and other requirements.

7.  Doctoral Candidacy Examination: take when you have completed at least 18 - but not more than 36 - credits of coursework (this rule is flexible). Two months prior to the candidacy exam, a reading list must be approved by your adviser. See Candidacy Exam for Food Studies Phd Degree handout.

8.  Doctoral Committee: Select and request official appointment of committee chair from the department plus two additional NYU faculty.

9.  Dissertation Proposal: Decide on final topic for thesis. Take Dissertation Proposal Seminar. If applicable, apply for permission to conduct research on human subjects. Write proposal. Obtain approvals from all three committee members.

10.  Proposal Review: Proposal ideally should, but does not have to, consist of Dissertation Committee members. Proposal Review can also consist of Dissertation Chair and two outside (non-committee) faculty, or the Steinhardt School Health Panel. Defend proposal (See relevant form).

11.  Complete coursework and conduct and complete dissertation research. Length of time to complete varies according to individual.

12.  Complete dissertation chapter with guidance and approval by committee members.

13.  Submit approved dissertation with appropriate form to Office of Graduate Studies and register for final oral examination by committee members and two outside reviewers. Dissertation chair can invite specific faculty members to participate as outside readers.

14.  Final Oral Examination. After successful complete of the two-hour final oral examination, leave a copy of the dissertation with the Office of Graduate Study for format review. The office will send a letter within two to three weeks indicating what changes are required according to Steinhardt School formal guidelines. Incorporate those changes with any changes required by the final oral commission and present the final copy to the Office of Graduate Studies.