Prerequisites and Sequence Map

Master's students in Foods and Nutrition (HOND-FNU) must present evidence of competency in all undergraduate courses listed below through prior coursework as determined by a HOND program adviser. If prerequisite coursework is required, these credits must be taken in addition to those required for the M.S. degree. Students who need to fulfill prerequisites do not need to complete them before enrolling in the graduate program. Instead, the Department enrolls students in the Foods and Nutrition master's program to permit registration in undergraduate prerequisite courses. The Prerequisite Sequence Map should help in planning course sequencing.

Prerequisites include the following NYU courses (or their equivalents taken elsewhere with the prior approval of a HOND program adviser). At least two chemistry courses, with their respective laboratory sessions, must be taken.

Basic Science

CHEM-UA 0120

Introduction to Modern Chemistry

5 credits

CHEM-UA 0240

Principles of Organic Chemistry

5 credits

NUTR-UE 1064

Nutritional Biochemistry

3 credits

NUTR-UE 1023

Food Microbiology & Sanitation

3 credits

NUTR-UE 1068

Introduction to Human Physiology

3 credits

Nutrition Science

NUTR-UE 0119

Nutrition & Health

3 credits

NUTR-UE 1269

Nutrition & the Life Cycle

3 credits

NUTR-UE 1260

Diet Assessment & Planning

3 credits

Food Science

NUTR-UE 0085

Introduction to Foods & Food Science

3 credits