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APRIL 2017
NYU Steinhardt

How to Understand the Racial College Completion Gap

Stella FloresA new study by Stella Flores finds that more than 60 percent of the racial gap in college completion rates can be attributed to factors that occur before college – factors that are beyond the control of many colleges and universities.

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Adults with Autism See Interests as Strengths, Career Paths

AutismA study led by Kristie Patten Koenig in the Department of Occupational Therapy examines the role that strong interests play in the lives of adults with autism. The researchers found that adults on the autism spectrum see their interests as a potential field of study as well as a way to mitigate anxiety.

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Uptown Meets Downtown in Curatorial Collaborative

Curatorial CollaborativeA unique NYU partnership between art history graduate students from the Institute of Fine Arts and Steinhardt studio art undergraduates has produced some interesting exhibitions.

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Grant Funds Music Therapy Sessions for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Music TherapyA grant from the Angel Band Project will bring music therapy to abuse survivors. The six-week program at the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy aims to help women process and cope with trauma while experiencing the healing power of music.

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