NYU Steinhardt
NYU Steinhardt

Four Grammy Award Nominations for NYU Steinhardt

Jazz StudiesFaculty members John Scofield, an internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist, Alan Ferber, a trombonist and composer, and Alan Broadbent, a pianist and composer, are nominees for Grammy Awards. Ari Hest (BS '02), who graduated from NYU Steinhardt with a degree in communication studies, received a nomination, as well, for Silver Skies Blue, an album of duets with singer-songwriter Judy Collins.

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Steinhardt’s Autism Program for the Public Schools Receives Funding Award

The NYU ASD Nest Support Project has received a $900,000, one-year contract from the New York City Department of Education to provide services for the city’s ASD Nest Program, which serves more than 1,000 children with autism in 39 public schools.

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Dana Burde Wins Grawemeyer Award

Dana Burde, associate professor of international education, has won the 2017 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order for examining the influence foreign-backed funding for education has on war-torn countries and how such aid affects humanitarian and peace-building efforts.

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80WSE Gallery Presents Duane Linklater: From Our Hands

CommencementIdeas of family, indigenous history, and the internal language of walls is the focus of a new show by Duane Linklater at Steinhardt's 80WSE gallery. The exhibition features a series of new works by the artist including a large-scale architectural intervention that runs through all five galleries.

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Faculty In the News

A The Atlantic: How Discrimination Shapes Parent-Teacher Communication(Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, HSSP)

GHistory News Network: Are We Seeing the Birth of a New Student Movement? (Robert Cohen, Humanities and Social Sciences)

PRTIME: 100 Photographs: The Face of AIDS (Marlene McCarty, Art and Art Professions)

MWMashable: Reddit's CEO went after Trump Trolls, and made a big, big mistake (Brett Gary, Media, Culture, Communication)

PRFOX 5: New York City noise pollution research (Juan Pablo Bello, Music and Performing Arts Professions)

PRThe Guardian: Ugly fruits and vegetables: why you have to learn to love them (Marion Nestle, Food and Nutrition)

Inside NYU Steinhardt

Village Records, a student-run label at NYU Steinhardt, launches Muriellea 19-year-old singer-songwriter based in New York City and London.

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