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NYU Steinhardt

Steinhardt Researchers Awarded $4 Million to Study School Interventions

School HallwayThe Institute of Education Sciences has awarded NYU Steinhardt research teams more than $4 million to examine the long-term outcomes of two proven educational interventions in Chicago and New York. The studies seek to understand whether structured programs in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade have lasting effects on students as they continue into middle and high school.

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Integrating Literacy and Science Instruction Boosts Preschoolers’ Vocabulary and Science Knowledge

preschoolTeaching preschool children about insects and plants by reading them informational science books helps build both their vocabulary and knowledge of science concepts. The results of this NYU Steinhardt study contribute to the growing body of evidence suggesting that integrating word and world knowledge benefits children’s language development and supports their science learning outcomes.

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Study Finds Differences in Older Adults Who Fall Indoors Versus Outdoors

CommencementAccording to an NYU Steinhardt study, patient characteristics and outcomes differ for people who fall outdoors versus indoors. The findings revealed that people who fell outdoors were more likely to be younger and male and were less likely to have certain chronic health conditions. Indoor fallers were frequently older females with dementia.

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