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MARCH 2016
NYU Steinhardt

Study Suggests that Access to Public Pre-K May Peak Interest in Gifted and Talented Programs

Pre KAccording to a study of New York City students by NYU Steinhardt researchers in Educational Researcher, students who attend public preschools are more likely to take the admissions test for gifted and talented programs, leading to a reduced disparity in test-taking between disadvantaged students and their peers.

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Social Mission of Urban Farmers is Focus of Steinhardt Study

Urban FarmingA study published in British Food Journal finds that three of the four top reasons farmers grow in urban areas – food security, education, community building, and producing food for the market – are socially motivated. “This suggests many farms are a form of social entrepreneurship,” said Carolyn Dimitri, who led the study.

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Declaring STEM Major Early Gives Students Boost in Finishing Degree

STEMA study by NYU Steinhardt’s Center for Research on Higher Education Outcomes examining the factors that contribute to college students majoring and earning degrees in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) field highlights the importance of high school academics and declaring a STEM major early in a student’s college career.

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Occupational Therapy Study Finds Factors Predicting Outcomes for Low Birth Weight Infants

InfantFour factors – medical complications at birth, maternal education, early motor assessments, and early cognitive assessments – help predict later cognitive function and motor performance for children born early and at a very low birth weight, finds a new study by NYU Steinhardt published in Research in Developmental Disabilities.

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