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NYU Steinhardt co-produces Healing Arts Symposium

colorful painting of animals and trees

Tribulations Influx 2021. Almigdad Aldikhairry. Oil on Canvas.

Faculty, students, and alumni contribute to a "cultural call to action" presented by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the World Health Organization.

Many faculty researchers and students from NYU Steinhardt will be presenting at the upcoming Healing Arts New York Symposium. This groundbreaking symposium, co-produced by Drama Therapy program director and founding co-director of Arts & Health @ NYU, Dr. Nisha Sajnani, will convene artists, healthcare workers, researchers, and policy makers in a “cultural call to action” to act on the evidence base for the health benefits of the arts across the lifespan and invest in arts as a vital partner in health, care, and wellbeing.

There will be several contributors who are current faculty, students, or alumni from the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions: Nisha Sajnani, Adam Stevens, Idalmis Garcia Rodriguez, and Ana Bess Moyer Bell from the Drama Therapy program; Jasmine Edwards from the Music Therapy program; Deborah Damast, Kiana Robinson, Karli O’Connell, and Colson Lynn from the Dance Education program; Rafailia Bampasidou, doctoral student from the Music Composition program; William Payne, doctoral student in Music Technology; and Joe Salvatore and Keith Huff from the Educational Theatre program. Dr. David Schroeder, Chair of the department, from the Jazz program and Phil Galdston from the Songwriting program have made it possible to feature the song "Stand for Change," which they wrote for Black Theatre United. Marygrace Berberian from NYU Steinhardt's Art Therapy program and Alberto Cucca from NYU Grossman's department of Neurology will also be speaking.

In addition to the significant NYU Steinhardt presence on stage, several students have been working on the event behind the scenes: Max Durrant, Monica Gamboa, Akhila Khanna, and Jahmar Ortiz.

This Symposium is produced by Culturunners in partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the World Health Organization Arts and Health Program in collaboration with Arts & Health @ NYU, the Creative Arts Therapies Consortium at NYU Steinhardt, and NeuroArts Blueprint, an initiative of the International Arts + Mind Lab at John Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Health, Medicine, and Society Program at The Aspen Institute, and the Open Mind Project. The symposium will be live streamed from the Met Museum on November 14, 2021 from 10:30-5pm and remain viewable on Facebook, YouTube.

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