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Drama Therapy Student Crystal Lucas-Perry Stars as John Adams in 1776

The cast of 1776 at the American Repertory Theater

Following a dynamite opening at the American Repertory Theater, Crystal Lucas-Perry (Drama Therapy Class of ‘23) will play John Adams in the Broadway-bound musical 1776. This cast features a female, trans, and non-binary cast in a fierce reimagining of history as, in the words of co-director Diane Paulus, “a predicament that we must grapple with in order to understand our past so that we can move forward together.”

In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, Lucas-Perry said, “I believe there’s something to be gained when we reexamine history in this way, by putting faces and bodies onstage that were not a part of the traditional makeup of this show. When we shift the gaze so you see a different perspective, we start to hear things that we didn’t hear before and see things that maybe we didn’t want to see but that have always been in the story from the beginning.”

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