NYU Steinhardt News

Kelli Moore Wins Fellowship

Assistant Professor Kelli Moore has been named one of ten Nancy Weiss Malkiel Scholars at the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. The award supports junior faculty whose research focuses on contemporary American history, politics, culture, and society, and who are committed to the creation of an inclusive campus community for underrepresented students and scholars. Each scholar will receive a 12-month stipend while working toward tenure.

“The Woodrow Wilson Foundation is proud to be able to support the scholarly excellence, dedicated service, and energetic mentorship that these Malkiel Scholars represent,” said Beverly A. Sanford, vice president of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. “They are already highly accomplished, with extraordinary potential to become—like Nancy Malkiel—lifelong leaders on their campuses and in their professions.”

Together with students from her Forensic Media seminar, Moore will launch “Critical Marginalia and the Courtroom Audience.” Taking place in the New York City courts over a span of several months, participants in this ethnographic endeavor will serve as public witnesses of courtroom activity. Through drawing, doodling, scribbling and passing notebooks, they will materialize the neglected labor history of courtroom spectatorship.

Moore’s current research projects include a monograph that draws on black feminist thought, legal philosophy and visual culture, and a study of the contribution of post-war black feminist literary criticism to contemporary media theory.