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MCC Faculty Recognized for Teaching Excellence

Three members of the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication faculty received teaching accolades this month: Clinical Associate Professor Aurora Wallace, Assistant Professor Finn Brunton, and Adjunct Professor Eugene Secunda.

Professors Wallace and Secunda were recognized with Steinhardt Teaching Excellence Awards presented to select faculty each year who have made significant contributions to the intellectual life of the School through innovation in their pedagogy and a commitment to mentorship inside and out of the classroom. 

A former industry executive, Eugene Secunda teaches advertising and marketing courses in the department. His mentorship is often cited by students and alumni alike.

Aurora Wallace is Director of Undergraduate Studies at MCC. She has led the department’s Honors Program since its inception. This fall she begins a 3-year residency at NYU Paris, where she will oversee the Department’s new MCC in Paris initiative.

Senior Annie Tressler considers her experience in the Honors Program the highlight of her time at NYU: “Professor Wallace’s genuine care for her students is evident in everything she does. From helping undergraduate students in their original research projects to providing a space to ask questions and receive feedback, she makes MCC seem small and personalized, despite the large size of our department. Experiencing Professor Wallace’s class was the most rewarding part of my college career, and many of my classmates agree!”

MCC alumna Alexandra Dickinson concurs: "I had the pleasure of learning from Professor Wallace in three classes over the course of my studies. One that particularly stands out was Crime, Violence and the Media. The class combined a little bit of a lot of things: New York history, film noir, architecture, and how these elements combined to impact real people. As a newcomer to New York, her teachings and perspective helped give me a sense of those who came before me."

Nominated by his students, Professor Brunton took home the teaching award administered by the Steinhardt Undergraduate Student Government and presented at its annual gala last week. He researches the history and theory of computing and digital media technologies. His forthcoming book Digital Cash: A Cultural History examines the rise of cryptocurrencies. His course offerings include Hacker Culture & Politics, Money as Media and Critical Making.