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Metro Center’s Language RBE-RN Launches Project CREBA in Haiti

Teacher and StudentsMetro Center’s Language RBE-RN launched Project CREBA―Centre de Ressources Éducatives du Bas-Artibonite― in the District Scolaire de Saint-Marc or DSM (School District of Saint-Marc) in the Bas-Artibonite region of Haiti in the summer of 2017. Project CREBA was created to address the major echo of complaints of many New York City public school teachers, within the Haitian Community, of student’s lacking required foundational skills. Project CREBA was initiated in the summer of 2017 to grapple with a long-standing issue: teacher quality. Part of a larger 3-year plan, the summer events (August 7 to August 14, 2017) had four focal goals: 1) to inform education leaders of the project through a conference, 2) to share the constructivist pedagogy with teachers through three-day math professional development, 3) to recruit prospective resource specialists for capacity building, and 4) to find a space to operationalize the teacher resource center. Read the Report