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MCC Conference in Berlin Convenes Global Media Scholars

The conference "Transubstantiating Transmission: Walls Become Ports Become Channels,” held on October 12-13, included six MCC faculty members, four PhD students, and one MCC alum. Several distinguished German media theorists, art curators and scholars participated as presenters or as discussants.

Papers spanned topics from voice forensics and asylum to computation and carceral reform. Over the course of two days, presenters covered key concepts at the heart of 21st century media and culture in Berlin, a city with a deep history of transformation in regimes and infrastructures.

“The discussions were intense, collegial and generative,” says Professor Arjun Appadurai, who hosted the event. “There was general agreement that the conference was a great success and strengthened the tie between MCC and NYU Berlin as well as between NYU and German-based media studies scholars.”

NYU Berlin arranged visits to the Humboldt Forum (site of Berlin's most ambitious cultural and museological project) and to the Stasi Museum and Archives, a major resource for the documentation of the East German communist state before 1989.