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Metro's Language RBE-RN Supports ELL/MLL Communities on the Road to Future Success

Audience of SymposiumMetro's Language RBE-RN recently held a 2018 ELLs/MLLs Community Engagement Symposium to support ELLs/MLLs communities on the road to high school graduation, college and careers. The symposium was supported by over 200 participants including ELL/MLL coordinators, ENL teachers, school leadership teams, parent advocates, community-based organizations (CBOs), counselors, social workers, and other personnel who work with ELLs/MLLs students and families. The symposium featured words from many leaders in the ELLs/MLLs Community. It began with greetings from David E. Kirkland, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools (Metro), commending the work that participants do to support ELL/MLL parents to ensure that they become more engaged in their children’s education. Lissette Colón-Collins, NYSED Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages, encouraged participants to inform ELL/MLL parents that they need to listen to their children and be part of their education, even though their future aspirations and college/career choices may differ from the parent’s expectations. The Keynote speaker, Jesse Mojica, Executive Director for Parent Leadership of the Division of Family and Community Empowerment of the New York City Department of Education, spoke on Engaging the ELLs/MLLs Community for a College and Career-Future. Jory Charles, Immigration Attorney from the Haitian-Americans United for Progress (HAUP), Inc. spoke on Immigration Issues Affecting Our Communities. Informational bilingual materials were provided from contributor, United Healthcare. The 2018 symposium is one of many Metro RBE-RN achievements to highlight awareness for ELLs/MLLs Communities. 

Below are pictures from the recent 2018 ELLs/MLLs Community Engagement Symposium.

Greetings from David Kirkland, Executive Director, Metro Center for Research on Equity & the Transformation of Schools at Steinhardt, NYU 





Greetings from Lissette Colón-Collins, Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL), NYSED

Keynote from Jesse Mojica, Executive Director for Parent Leadership, Division of Family & Community Empowerment, NYCDOE  

Panel Presentation: Graduating from High School and on to College and Careers
L-R: Jian Liu, Erica Thomas, Marissa Muñoz, Sugeni Perez-Sadler, Eddie Cuesta, Mostafa Ghonim