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Doctoral Student Spotlight: Jill Gandhi Reflects on Summer Study Abroad Course Assistant Experience

Photo of Jill Ghandi, program assistant featured in this articleJill Gandhi is an IES-PIRT fellow and Ph.D. student in Developmental Psychology in the Department of Applied Psychology at NYU Steinhardt.  She is interested in the examination of home and school-based inputs in early childhood development, particularly to inform interventions with low-income families.  In Summer 2018, Jill traveled with Prof. Catherine Tamis-Lamonda to support a graduate short-term study abroad course examining Parenting and Culture in Florence, Italy.  Course participants explored the relationships between the broader cultural setting, parenting views and children's development.  In her recent blog post, Jill reflects on her experience as a course assistant and describes the ways in which Italians and Americans visiting Italy treat time differently.