Dr. Adriana Villavicencio Contributes to New Book on Myths that Hinder School Turnaround

Research Alliance Deputy Director Adriana Villavicencio authored a chapter in the recently published, Enduring Myths That Inhibit School Turnaround, a text that seeks to address various aspects of school turnaround, including defining what “turnaround” means and dispelling myths that prevent influential, lasting organizational change in schools. 

In the chapter, “Turning Around From Within: Using Internal Capacity to Improve Low-Performing Schools”, Dr. Villavicencio uses findings from the Research Alliance study, Learning from “Turnaround” Middle Schools: Strategies for Success, to help readers understand how school turnaround efforts can be structured and supported. She documents the important role that principals and professional learning communities of teachers play in creating conditions that nurture a successful turnaround effort, as well as specific strategies schools used to provide targeted supports for students.