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Jennifer Hill and Marc Scott win the Miller Prize

Jennifer Hill, Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science, and Marc Scott, Professor of Applied Statistics, have won Political Analysis’s Miller Prize for their co-authored paper, “Bias Amplification and Bias Unmasking.” 

The Miller Prize is awarded annually for the best work published in Political Analysis, the official journal of the Society for Political Methodology and the Political Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association. Written with Joel A. Middleton (UC Berkeley) and Ronli Diakow (New York City’s Department of Education), the winning study investigates unexpected sources of bias in observational studies.

“They emphasize,” the selection committee explained, “the potential for group fixed effects, often seen as a benign robustness strategy, to increase bias through both amplification and unmasking.” Moreover, the researchers also “develop tools for sensitivity analysis to help applied researchers reason through these problems” in the paper. “These methodological contributions are cleverly and lucidly illustrated through constructed observational placebo studies, which demonstrate the striking increases in bias that result from the inclusion of fixed effects.”  (Read full story here)