Research Alliance Receives Two New Grants to Study Career Technical Education in NYC

The Research Alliance for New York City Schools has been awarded nearly $3.3 million to assess the impact of New York City’s Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. This includes grants from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences. 

The project will explore how CTE programs affect a variety of student outcomes, including academic performance, educational attainment, and transitions to the labor market. It will also examine variation across more than 200 CTE programs in New York City to identify specific program elements and contextual factors that are associated with positive impacts. These insights that can inform the future design and delivery of CTE programs and policies, in the New York City and across the country. The project will be led by the Research Alliance in collaboration with MDRC, the University of Connecticut, and the NYU Institute for Education and Social Policy.

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