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Metro’s Program Successfully Prepares College-bound Seniors

Metro’s College Prep Academy/1199 WorkForce Program successfully accomplished the academic year of 2017 with 197 student accepted to selected colleges and universities including Cornell University, Georgetown University, New York University and so on with considerable scholarships. (See the full list of college acceptances and scholarship acceptances). Proudly, Patricia Ryan-Canedo, Director of the program, congratulated all 2017 College Prep Academy/1199 WorkForce Program seniors on their fruits borne out of hard work through a warm speech on the celebration. 

(Metro’s College Prep Academy/1199 WorkForce Program seniors celebrated their success with program faculty.)

Metro Center Saturday and Summer College Prep Academy [CEI-1199] is supplemental college-preparatory program that enables roughly 300 high school students from high- need communities to come to the NYU campus on Saturdays throughout the school year, for an intensive, four-week summer session helping 150 to 200 students, focused on academic enrichment, tutoring, mentoring, college readiness, career planning, and professional internship experience.

The program was founded on 1984 and keeps a great record in preparing students’ college and career readiness.

  • In the last three years, on average, 78% of the students enrolled at the program raised their Regent Exam score, and 74% met or exceeded the "college readiness score for English and Mathematics."
  • Most impressive, in each of the last three years, 100% of seniors who attended the program successfully graduated high school and matriculated to college. 54% of these seniors were accepted to 4-year public and private institutions; 46% were accepted to 2-year community college and technical institutions.
  • In 2013-2014, 100% of graduating seniors in the program completed Financial Aid applications, and 94% were deemed eligible for federal and state aid.  In addition, 32% of graduating seniors obtained scholarships at private institutions.  In that year, alone, the program helped its students to secure $1,070,071 in scholarship funding and grants to help them pay for college.

 To see full introduction and the history of the program, please click here.