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NPO Character Lab Renews Professor Aronson's Grant

Character Lab, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, has renewed professor Aronson's grant on Mindfulness and Meditation.

The Mindful Education Lab oversees two parallel but connected programs—research and teacher training. Our Mindful Research Lab looks at the psychological and neurological effects of mindfulness on student learning, teacher effectiveness, and school and classroom climate. This work, in turn, informs the Mindful Teacher Program (MTP), which offers professional development to schools by training educators (teachers, principals, and school staff) in techniques to improve their lives both in and out of school. We also train high school students in mindfulness as part of the College Prep Academy, which prepares urban youth for success in college.

The Mindful Education Lab is directed by Dr. Joshua Aronson and Dr. Jennifer Hill. Dr. Aronson is an award-winning scientist, author and teacher, named by Education Week as one of the nation’s most influential education scholars, and whose past research on race and intellectual performance has appeared in three Supreme Court cases.

The Mindful Education Lab also works closely and collaboratively with organizations to find creative, research-based approaches to each institution’s unique circumstances and challenges. The professional development includes in-person training at New York University, online modules, and on-site support, as part of a long-term, comprehensive program of organizational development and school improvement.