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Astor Fellows Explore Hyper - Diverse Classrooms in London

Fabienne Doucet, Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning, will lead a group of sixteen teachers to London to explore the theme of The Hyper-Diverse Classroom as part of the Brooke Astor International Travel Fellowship for New York City Teachers. The group, selected from a competitive pool of applicants from all over the city, represents a diversity of boroughs, subject areas, and levels of instruction. The fully-sponsored educational fellowship celebrates the exceptional accomplishments of this year’s awardees who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and innovation in the New York City public school system.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to look at and think about teaching in hyperdiverse settings,” says Doucet. “I look forward to the conversations we will have and insights we will gain noticing the similarities and differences of the ways in which we in New York City serve our hyper-diverse population of students, and the way educators do so in London.”

The Astor Fellowship centers on a different theme each year and visits one of NYU’s global academic centers. Participants in this year’s program will use London as their own classroom, to learn how teachers and schools in another hyper-diverse city contend with the matter of diverse student bodies. Educators will investigate curriculum development of culturally relevant and sustainable pedagogy, as well as social dynamics and immigrant adaptation in schools with hyper-diverse student populations.