Several members of the Research Alliance team will be presenting at the upcoming American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference:

Deputy Director Dr. Adriana Villavicencio has organized and will participate in “Expanding Educational Opportunities for Black and Latino Male Students: Lessons from Four Urban School Districts,” a symposium that will highlight system-wide efforts to support young men of color in New York City, Boston, Oakland, and Minneapolis. As part of the session, Dr. Villavicencio will present the latest findings from the Research Alliance’s evaluation of the Expanded Success Initiative. (Sunday, April 30 from 4:05-5:35pm.)

Research Associate Dr. Lisa Merrill and Research Analyst Camille Lafayette will participate in a roundtable discussion entitled “The Impact of Information and Data in Education.” Drawing on their work redesigning NYC’s annual survey of parents, teachers, and students, they will discuss methods for using school climate surveys to describe within-school variation. (8:15-9:45am, Saturday, April 29).

Research Analyst Sarah Klevan will be part of “Learning from Ethnography: How We Make Change in Urban School Discipline,” a symposium about school discipline strategies that aim to counteract the disproportionate effects of punitive discipline on poor and minority students. Ms. Klevan will present a paper entitled “Moving Away from Zero Tolerance: The Challenges Encountered by a New York City High School Implementing Restorative Approaches to Discipline.” (2:15-3:45pm, Monday, May 1.)

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