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Metro College Prep Academy /1199 Work Force (WF) Pre-RN Program Presents Annual Health Fair

Dedicated students from NYU Metro Center’s College Prep Academy /1199 WF Pre-RN Program held an annual Health Fair at NYU on Saturday, March 18, 2017.

Pre –RN students prepared three workshops focused on topical and engaging presentations for the program. The selected topics were “Medical Marijuana,”“What We know about Dreams,”and“Advances in Medical Technology.”  Each Pre-RN team presented their interest and research on these current topics with an emphasis on the uncertainty of future developments in these arenas.

(Pre-RN students presenting on their topics.)

Overall, these presentations provided multiple opportunities for the Pre-RN students to hone their facilitation and presentation skills, to convey beneficial and educational health information to fellow peers, and to create a space for dialogue and interaction. The questions asked by students and staff made it clear to the presenters that their work was not only well-received, but the information disseminated was intriguing, and left the participants engaged and indeed better informed.

(Pre-RN students answer questions from the audience.)

One presentation that resonated with students and staff alike explored the complex relationship between sleep, dreams (including nightmares), and overall health. Delving further, participants discovered that diet, exercise, routine, and technology (cell phones, gaming consoles, laptops, and television) affects how many hours of sleep one will obtain, and whether or not sleep will be pleasant or disrupted by nightmares. For adolescents making the transition from high school to college, it is crucial that healthy eating and sleeping habits are developed in preparation for increased workloads and often minimal to non-existent periods of rest. Thus, learning about the various stages of sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) and tips for improving the quality of dreams, are more than beneficial and if utilized can yield positive outcomes for students.

(Pre-RN students discuss the relationship between sleeping, dreams and overall health.)