NYU Steinhardt News

Dream Hampton's Documentary Film, TREASURE, to be Presented at a Screening at NYU's Palladium on April 20, 2017

Treasure is a feature documentary about nineteen-year-old Shelly 'Treasure' Hilliard, whose murder involved police coercion, Jim Crow drug laws, the criminalization of sex work and transphobia. It is about a young Detroit trans community activated by her death and her family, who are now suing for justice. Shelley's family emerge powerfully as complex human beings who defy the default African-American stereotypes typical of American film. In contrast to the common narrative of the trans experience, Shelley was met with love and support from her mother and sisters after coming out as transgender. Her loss is made all the more gut-wrenching through this exploration of her family's support for her right to exist and their devastation by her loss. Visit the movie's website for more information