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Metro Center Liberty Partnerships Program Expands Provision of Services in Landmark High School Peer Mentoring Program

Following the success and growth of the student-created, student-led, co-facilitated Peer Mentoring program over the last three years with the assistance of Liberty Partnerships, Landmark High School is expanding the peer mentoring program through the "Mentor-in-Training" component. The program will target a wider range and number of students than in previous years, will delve further into the mentor training process, and will incorporate new and exciting team building, community service, and school spirit activities. Activities are based on the tenet that mentoring improves school culture by creating a sense of community and support among peers. The group will meet three times a week.  There are four goals of the peer mentoring program:

  • Increasing responsibility as mentors and mentors-in-training will be role models for their mentees: checking in with them daily; tutoring/assisting with portfolios; helping them follow through with academic and extracurricular goals; and providing valuable insight into becoming successful students as they adjust to Landmark High School. As learned in the previous three years, both mentor and mentee roles help students take ownership of their education.
  • Enhancing learning research skills: students will be recording their experiences, collecting data, and evaluating the effectiveness of the program.
  • Improving group dynamics and social emotional skills: team-building activities will be a large part of building trust between mentors, mentees, and the entire group. Mentors will accompany mentees in meeting with their teachers and advisers to check grades, prepare for projects, and concerns with tests and making up homework.
  • Participating in community service: CSS and Landmark High School will collaborate with community organizations to create volunteering opportunities for students.  The main challenges that the program is addressing include improving attendance, building confidence through a peer network of support for students, and developing a more engaging school culture. These are very important because they are ongoing issues being worked on at Landmark as highlighted by student-led research including interviews with students and faculty, surveys, and analyzing the school's D.O.E. Quality Review over the past three years.