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sj Miller, Metro Center Deputy Director for Education Supports and Services, Joins WNET Advisory Board for Production of 10 Digital Media Resources on LGBTQ

Project Overview:

WNET will produce the LGBTQ Tolerance and Identity Collection, a series of 10 digital media resources that will help administrators, guidance counselors, and educators understand the complex and difficult issues faced by LGBTQ students.  Each digital media resource will feature video content from WNET’s groundbreaking LGBTQ series First Person, background essays, conversation guides, and teaching tips to facilitate their use in educational settings.  The video segments presented will each be less than five minutes in length. The resources will help promote understanding, tolerance, awareness, and promote better self-esteem. The collection will be distributed free of charge through PBS LearningMedia NY (ny.pbslearningmedia.org). Educators wishing to do so can print hard copy materials off of the PBS LearningMedia NY web site. 

WNET will convene an advisory board of five individuals, including educators and representatives from the NYC Department of Education’s Guidance Office and the LGBTQ Community Liaison, to ensure this content is aligned with instructional goals and directly supports educators and students. The Advisory Board workshop will take place Friday, March 10 (from 10am-3:30pm) at WNET’s midtown Manhattan studios (825 8th Ave, New York, NY).  The Tolerance and Identity Collection will cover topics identified by the Advisory Board.