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Yonkers School District Forms Partnership with Technical Assistance Center on Disproportionality (TAC-D)

TAC-D is now in its first year of a partnership with Yonkers Public Schools (YPS). After YPS hosted TAC-D in building walkthroughs, the district is in the process of initiating a long-term cooperative initiative.

Additionally, John Jacobs, Project Associate of TAC-D, is working with Union Endicott Central School District to establish a Guardians of Equity Team. The Guardians of Equity team is tasked with reviewing academic, behavioral, and attendance data from across the district, identify inequitable outcomes, and work to implement interventions to address those issues.

Recently, TAC-D’s work includes Dr. Patrick Jean-Pierre and Project Associates Briana Santiago and Emily Jones-McGowan providing trainings on developing culturally responsive systems with 24 educators in Peekskill, New York.


Dr. Jean-Pierre at training in Peekskill School District