Steinhardt Nutrition Alumna Focuses on Pediatric Health

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Steinhardt Nutrition Alumna Focuses on Pediatric Health

We recently spoke with Alexandra Kuznetsov (BS 2010) about her career in the field of nutrition, her time at NYU, and what brought her to the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies.

Tell us a little about yourself and what initially brought you to the Nutrition and Food Studies Department.

I'm a 2010 graduate with a major in nutrition and dietetics and a minor in chemistry. I am from New York and was originally enrolled in NYU's College of Arts and Sciences as a Chemistry major/pre-med. After taking an introductory nutrition class my freshman year, I realized my true passion was nutrition and its role in public health and well-being, so I transferred into Steinhardt. I was very impressed by the outstanding faculty as well as internship opportunities offered through the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies and knew it would be a great fit. I was also very interested in the program's strong link to public and community health. 

Do you have a favorite memory or class from your time at NYU?

I was very fortunate to travel to Morocco and Peru with NYU as part of the Steinhardt Dean's Scholars program (I think this is the official name, but it may have changed since I graduated). While in Morocco, I learned about the important link of food to culture, health, and well-being. In Peru, I learned about the importance of community public health and cultural competence. These experiences, along with a fantastic community nutrition class I took as part of my major, inspired me to join the United States Peace Corps and serve in West Africa as a community health development agent.  

What is your current position? Please share a little bit about the work you do.

I currently work for a large non-profit organization focused on pediatric health. In this role I manage initiatives related to children with special health care needs. My work focuses on building capacity among clinicians, public health professionals, and family/caregivers to ensure high quality systems of care for children with disabilities and complex needs. 

How do you think your time at NYU Steinhardt helped impact and shape your career path?

My time at NYU Steinhardt led me to a career focused on systems of care to improve health and well-being for vulnerable and medically underserved communities. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn, study, and work with so many outstanding faculty and students at NYU.